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London International Animation Festival

London International Animation Festival; one of the largest and widest ranging festivals on the Animation Circuit is at Barbican Centre in December 2016.
Sophie’s Story by Shroomstudio was selected as part of a 128 film programme from over 2,400 submissions and is screening on 10th December as part of a documentary animation strand along with a thoughtfully curated selection of international documentary-style animated films with diverse subject matter.


I have met some of the other film makers in this particular strand, and these animators all use the medium to convey ideas, tell real stories rather than fiction and investigate often otherwise difficult subject matters.

We’ve completed many projects where the subject matter is ‘difficult’ and needs to handled sensitively.  From circumcision &  sexual health education, to ADHD and other tricky subjects, the symbolism of animation has the ability to de-mystify ideas, make them easier to digest and sometimes adds a useful touch of humour to otherwise difficult areas of discussion. This strand at LIAF shows films which display many of these qualities and I wish all the film makers the best of success continuing to break new ground, step on spiky areas and innovate in all directions


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