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As you can imagine, preparing for a trip around the UK is a full time job, so all the support I can get is most welcome. I have some great support already. Yachting legend, Sarah Brown has come on board as of April, in support of the trip and has organised donations of some of my essential wishlist kit, including loan of an (E.P.I.R.B) the lifesaving piece of kit which alerts the coastguard if I go overboard while alone. Sarah has also helped arranged for donations of berthings at a number of my stops along the way which is a fantastic help so Thanks alot Sarah. For full details of donations see the whishlist page. The Liverpool Echo will be following my blog along the journey, which will give exposure for my aim of raising awareness about Crohn's disease and my good friend and occasional crew member, Christos from Shroomstudio has designed the website in support of the trip. I have also had kind donations of navigation charts from Ellen McArthur's team, no less !!....and the list is growing...Liverpool City Council have also very kindly agreed to help with publicity to maximise exposure & assist the fundraising side of the trip...There are many ways you can help.


Cash donation towards my Crohn's & Colitis target of £25,000

sponsorship of equipment or services from My essential WishList

spread the word with facebook, follow the Blog and keep in touch

I am offering logo space on a prominent side of the hull of Zuma in exchange for donations to Crohns or wishlist
if this interests you or you have other corporate sponsorship ideas, feel free to get in touch

Zuma Bow