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Sticky Fingers promo DREAMLAND

Australian Animator Gwynn Earl (BAD-EYE-DEERS.) Gwynn worked as an animator/illustrator on the Dreamland music video for Sticky Fingers. The video clip for Dreamland is a hand-drawn animation using similar techniques to old style Disney films such as Fantasia.

Gwynn (Hoags) Earl worked with Shroomstudio back in 2009 and we were impressed by his native illustration skills. He worked with us on a few projects including a film for BBC where his character skills came in very handy. He also got involved in working on scenes for our own short film, ‘Sophie’s Story‘ and while in the studio produced a great animation about a day in the life of Shroomstudio.
He returned to Oz to set up his own animation company, BAD-EYE-DEERS. Here, his work on Sticky Finger’s DREAMLAND promo shows off his creativity and huge imagination coupled with solid technical skills.

Go Hoags !

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